The Ultimate Call, A Covid-19 Pandemic awakening

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The Ultimate Call

It is the era of technological marvel and magic. Do you agree? I know I do. The horizons of what our planet is yet to achieve cannot be vividly expressed or painted. This is because what we are witnessing, technologically, seemed impossible a century ago. Hence telling what will happen on our planet a century from now can be challenging.

What we can herald without a doubt, is that it will be mind-blowing. With plans to colonise Mars growing stronger every decade. One thing is definite, there’s a lot to be done to make such colossal dreams come to fruition. Brilliant minds, stubborn resolve, sufficient support and enough resources will turn the sprockets that will unveil the monumental things of the future.

Lest we get delighted with the prospects and possibilities that beckon and shine at a distance. Covid19 pandemic has plunged the entire globe into a dam of economic havoc and confusion. It has made a bold, unique statement. As advanced as humans think they are, they are vulnerable at the core. Maybe it is time our investment on technological growth went off on a tangent to focus on this susceptibility that has eluded genius minds era after era.

While it has been possible to come up with contraptions that have conveyed people to the moon and back – or so they say. Ironically, humans do not have a full comprehension of the environment in which they live within their entire lives. Place an organism with strange DNA strains and exhibiting fast mutations and we are all kicked in the teeth.

What is all the noise about self-driving cars and intelligent machines when our very health is at such a precarious & dangerous spot? Don’t misunderstand me, those technologies are amazing. I give my respects those making such novel strides in the respective disciplines. But I think it is time to give more thought and energetic enthusiasm than we’ve observed in taking care of our health first.

The brilliant doctors, physicists, engineers and professionals we have observed around the world, need to have new mindsets. There is no need to present graphs and beautiful data visualisations to prove that an organism like Covid-19 can wipe out lots of lives fast and easy. It is not moot that humans are a brilliant species. If you doubt, you can ride on the fact that humans have done incredible things. Such as; building cars & planes, putting brilliant communication channels in place, and making it possible to make cashless monetary transactions to name just a few that are evident.

Maybe it is time we made deliberate use of these blessed talents in projects that will protect our health, future generations and our planet. It is time that doctors, software engineers, physicists, leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and anyone with something to contribute. Work together to understand our environment better and come up with solutions, friendly to the organisms we live amongst while protecting the special gift of being healthy. I hope you will be ready when that ultimate call is made.

By: John Kibet - IT