Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies are community membership-based financial institutions formed and owned by their members in promotion of their economic interests through mobilization of their savings to offer financial services such as provision of loans to themselves as members.
SACCO’s are regulated financial institutions that require a minimum monthly financial contribution from their members. The money is not accessible to the member unless it is being given as a loan or in the event decides to exit from the SACCO.
Eclectics International has continually provided SACCO’s with digital financial solutions that accelerate their digital touchpoints to members through personalization of banking services. These digital solutions among other features enable members to perform banking services at the comfort of their phones regardless of time and location with real-time reflection and reconciliation taking place on their accounts. Adoption of digital channels by Saccos has risen sharply and saccos of all sizes are making necessary investments to satisfy their members.

Solutions for SACCOs

  • Payment Services
    Eclectics is a duly authorized Payments Aggregator in the Republic of Kenya and provides payment aggregation services.
  • Mobile Wallet
    Our Digital Channels are geared at delivering banking services anywhere/anytime self- service Mobile and Internet Banking solutions to the end user.
  • Agency Banking
    The Agency Banking solution delivers financial inclusion for unbanked and under banked customers who live in remote locations without access to brick and mortar branches.
  • Licencing (Oracle, RedHat, Microsoft)
    At Eclectics, we address all your licensing requirements.