Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Whatever the size of your organization, switching to Microsoft Volume Licensing can make licensing your Microsoft products and services easier and less expensive.
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With many different licensing options available, choosing the right one for your needs can be confusing. Eclectics International makes it easy.

Why choose Eclectics International for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics 365 consists of 3 main modules which are Service, Sales, and Marketing. These modules work seamlessly to deliver a well-rounded solution centered on addressing customer relations. The main capabilities of CRM include but are not limited to: –
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Salesforce automation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Mobility

Business Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

360-Degree View of the Customer
One-stop-shop of customer and product information, FAQs, knowledge base articles, and best practices for improved customer service and reduced operational costs. Empower team selling by giving your people collaborative tools and a single view of customer information.
Improved User Experience
A simple, immersive interface that end users—salespeople and marketers—will find more intuitive. It allows for easy data analysis, database searching and customer engagement. A new navigation provides easy access of recently viewed records and on-the-fly data entry with a Quick Create function.
Business Process-Centric Experience
Enhanced business process development and workflow setup tools helps guide end users through direct customer interactions and internal processes with ease. MS Dynamics 365 also makes enforcement of and reporting on business rules easier though all stages of a sale. This is done through sales process automation, ensuring that the business process is adhered to from an organizational level.

What is Eclectics Connector + Microsoft Dynamics 365 for FSI?

Eclectics provides connectors to various banking applications, so we’re able to consolidate customer data. This gives the organization a 360-degree view of its customers to better understand them. The Eclectics Connector + Dynamics 365 solution has a familiar, easy-to-use interface, and it enables businesses to address their customers’ issues faster. CRM also gives businesses a holistic view of their service delivery, marketing, and sales performance.