Microsoft 365 Business

(Formerly Office 365)

Microsoft’s integrated solutions designed especially for small businesses to help maintain & manage your customer database and improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of your daily business decisions
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Microsoft 365 Business Applications & Services

Microsoft 365 Business licenses give you access to the most popular Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, cloud storage for all your files with Microsoft OneDrive, video conferencing with Microsoft Teams3, and much more. It’s the perfect workflow for every small business owner to keep on top of the day to day operations.

What’s in the Offer Microsoft 365 Business?

  • Collaborative Suite for unlimited users, Includes Business class email. Microsoft Teams Conferencing Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online
  • Enhanced Security and Data Control; Includes identity access. Two Factor Authentication. Audit and traceability
  • Cloud Backup for unlimited users End User; file backup across all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux). Backup of online drives (Google Drive, One Drive). SQL Server Backup
  • Bitdefender Business Security for unlimited users;
  • Endpoint security for users to safeguard against malicious threats

Microsoft 365 Business Benefits

We have already explained above that Microsoft 365 Business is a business solution that helps businesses and enterprises to manage their work in many different ways.

Here below are some features and benefits of Microsoft 365 Business explained for you.

You get Office 365

Microsoft 365 has Office 365 already integrated into the package. Office 365 provides remote access to a whole suite of applications such as MS-Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Skype for Business, and more.

Apart from these essential Office apps, Microsoft 365 includes numerous other collaboration and productivity tools from Office, such as Bookings, Outlook Customer Management, MileIQ, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Invoicing, and more.

Concisely, all these applications can help support you and your business to efficiently manage your business operations from anywhere in the world without too much hassle if you needed to.

Advanced Security and Device Management

The security features in the Microsoft 365 Business solution are unrivaled and constantly updated. Here is a quick rundown of some of the features for you. With Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Windows Defender Exploit Guard, you get protection from external threats, such as phishing and other sophisticated malware.

Furthermore, the Office 365 Data Loss Protection policies and the Azure Information Protection Plan 1 help manage and control the flow of your sensitive and crucial business information. Likewise, with Exchange Online Archiving, Microsoft 365 helps protect, preserve, and backup your business data.

Easy Device Deployment and User-Setup

This is a big plus for Microsoft 365 Business users. Microsoft 365 Business has a single admin console used to set up and manage users and devices. Furthermore, it supports auto-installation of Office apps on Windows 10 PCs taking the stress out of keeping your business software up to date. With the Microsoft 365 Business solution, you get access to the latest version of the Office apps as they happen and these updates are rolled out to your business devices as it happens.

Further adding to the ease of growing or upgrading your business, it offers streamlined deployment of computers, laptops, and mobile devices with Windows Autopilot.

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