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KCB Bank Group continues to improve its service offering to its esteemed clients by consistently automating most of their systems to allow for easier management of customer details

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KCB Bank Group continues to improve its service offering to its esteemed clients by consistently automating most of their systems to allow for easier management of customer details.

Through the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 the bank which is the largest in East and Central Africa by capitalization has managed to link all its 197 branches with on an entirely the integrated online system currently used by over 200 users.

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KCB Bank
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360-Degree view of their customer

KCB Bank Group had a previous deployment of a system they used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) but which was not working well for them. The bank needed a solution that could consolidate all customer information from disparate systems onto a single screen, giving a 360-degree view of the customer and thereby empowering their customer-facing employees and other users as well with the most accurate customer information thereby improving on service delivery to their highly esteemed clients. The system in place could not automate some of the banks’ processes thus they were running a lot of those processes manually.


The solution the organization took up was to rollout Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Using a combination of automating key business processes, some level of development and integration to their core systems, the bank through their partner of choice, Eclectics International Ltd was able to realize the key benefit of consolidating all customer-related information from the various systems and present it for use by its customer-facing employees and other back offices users thereby making a deliberate and direct improvement of the service delivery to their clients. Some of the features in that implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 are:

  1. Integration of CRM to all core systems used by the bank to serve its customers thereby presenting a 360-degree view of the customer information on a single screen.
  2. Automatic escalations of customer issues to better manage performance and service delivery to clients
  3. Delivery of real-time executive dashboards and accurate built-in and custom reports.
  4. Effective training and awareness of bank business by customer service agents through use of powerful and rich Knowledge Base that contains product features and “How- To’s” for reference purposes.

KCB Bank Group has also been able to draw key benefits and measurable return on investment (ROI) from the use of the solution. These benefits include and are not limited to:

  1. Empowerment of customer-facing users and other back-office users through availability of readily available and accurate customer information.
  2. Use of system dashboards to monitor all integrated systems to CRM for their uptime/downtime round the clock.
  3. User adoption of CRM has been very high since the platform has a very familiar and user- friendly interface.
  4. The bank has made a huge saving in its Core Banking system licenses.
  5. Automation of escalations as per predefined Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) thus increasing efficiency.
  6. Ability to customize and extract real-time reports.
  7. Short deployment and implementation time of the solution and reaping of benefits as enhancements are progressed.
  8. Ability to quickly retrieve historical customer interactions and also access present interactions as they are all in one place.