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Eclectics International take pride in not being just an Audit firm formed by consultants in the ICT Consultancy and Audit arena, but as a company that has dealt with operational issues surrounding financial systems, banking and fiscal management for over 10 years. The expertise is borne through years of operational experience, gains, successes and use of international best practices that we apply to deliver results.

We offer various consultancy services which include:

  • Project Management
  • System Audit
  • Post Implementation Audits
  • ICT Infrastructure consulting
  • ICT Infrastructure design and Implementation
  • Information Security Audits

Some of the benefits of Eclectics ICT Consultancy Services include:

  • More profitable use of valuable in-house ICT talent
  • Improved ICT performance and reliability
  • A technology edge over competitors
  • Access to different skills, technology and use of industry best practices
  • Fast deployment and implementation of solutions
  • Seamless and affordable technology migration
  • Business contingency and continuity