Financial Sector

Firms and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers make up the financial sector with reference made to a broad range of industries spanning banks, investment companies, insurance and real estate firms.
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Economy Health

The health of an economy largely depends on the strength of its financial sector which generates revenue from mortgages and loans which gain value in an environment where interest rates drop. This literally means that when the rates are low, the economic conditions open up doors for more capital investments and projects causing a direct benefit to the financial sector and directly impacting economic growth.

Eclectics International is a major player in the provision of Financial Technology (FinTech) to the Financial Sector within the Financial Services Industry (FSI) having a couple of Fintech products to its name for the Retail and Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Insurance sectors. We are a trusted provider of quality and affordable digital solutions with our mission being “Simplifying Lives Digitally” and advocate for financial inclusion for all.

Solutions for Financial Sector

  • Payment Services
    Eclectics is a duly authorized Payments Aggregator in the Republic of Kenya and provides payment aggregation services.
  • Mobile Wallet
    Our Digital Channels are geared at delivering banking services anywhere/anytime self- service Mobile and Internet Banking solutions to the end user.
  • Internet Banking
    With Eclectics Internet Banking Solution, we will provide a comprehensive internet banking solution
  • Agency Banking
    The Agency Banking solution delivers financial inclusion for unbanked and under banked customers who live in remote locations without access to brick and mortar branches.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Whatever the size of your organization, switching to Microsoft Volume Licensing can make licensing your Microsoft products and services easier and less expensive.
  • Licencing (Oracle, RedHat, Microsoft)
    At Eclectics, we address all your licensing requirements.