Driving customer excellence at Eclectics

With “We drive customer excellence” being one of our core values at Eclectics, we always strive to please our customers, satisfy their needs and keep them loyal to our brand. We need to measure if our efforts are bringing the desired results.

How do we do this, we ask? We ask our customers their stories about how our company, products and services help them met their business objectives.

feedback breakfast eclectics internationalWe call these stories as customer feedback. We use this feedback to adjust how we do business, satisfy our customer’s needs more effectively and ultimately the best customer experience. We firmly believe in always growing.

In April 2020, we sought to get these stories from our internal and external customers. Very insightful stories. We are using these stories to improve and change the company, products, services and processes. Our key focus is to be your go-to innovations and technology partner and support you to achieve your business objectives.

Congratulations to our 2020 Above and beyond Award winners.
Winner – James Mbugua


First Runners Up – Kevin Chot

Kevin-Chot-First-Runners-UpThe Above and Beyond Award is awarded to Eclectics Team members in recognition of their outstanding dedication in service to our customers.

By: Peninah Kariuki – Head of Customer Experience and Support