Agritech is a subsidiary of Eclectics International Group that has existed now close to a decade, present in 25 countries in Africa undertaking vast operations in financial inclusion projects.

Agritech undertakes vast operations in financial inclusion projects supporting over 200 banks on the continent and over 500 micro finance institutions with cutting edge software tools.

The application of technology in agriculture focuses on boosting productivity and profitability as well as simplifying processes and creating the jobs of the future. Major problems faced by farmers include lack of information on farm inputs, unorganized credit and absence of market linkages. Companies are changing the landscape in agriculture with the use of innovative business models to create a viable business that will help improve farm income.

Eclectics International through its subsidiary Agritech Solutions Ltd innovates on technologies to improve on farmers access to finance, inputs and markets in Africa. Agritech has the mandate of running all the agribusiness related projects including but not limited to:


Profiling Players

Profiling other value chain players like financial institutions, farm input providers, extension service providers, markets, insurance etc.


Scoring agri-players with an emphasis with on small holders to financially empower them using 3DL techagri-model.

Profiling Farmers

Profiling farmers by creation of a centralized farmer(smallholder) database across the continent


Creating a cross-sector linking platform that easily joins the farmers and services providers seamlessly in real-time.

Solutions for Agritech

  • eRegister
    A simple tool that works magic by gathering all nitty gritties of farmer and other value chain players.
  • eScout
    Get real time and accurate information from field .
  • eAgriWallet
    A Digital Agriculture Mobile ridding on a 3DL- Dynamic Data Driven Lending Model that has a financial features culmanated by agri-features.
  • eInputs
    Access to affordable and certified quality farm inputs & services among others like fertilizers, animal feeds, crop protection chemicals, animal drugs, supplements, hire equipment and machinery.